Breathing New Life Into The BC Literacy Council aka ReadingBC

We are double vaxxed, enjoying the removal of some of the COVID restrictions and filled with enthusiasm for the 2021-2022 year.  Our Annual General Meeting took place on November 25, 2021 in the Pendrell Room at the Sylvia Hotel.  We are particularly delighted to introduce two of our newest executive members. Larkyn Froese is currently in theContinue reading “Breathing New Life Into The BC Literacy Council aka ReadingBC”

Barge on The Beach and Other Unprecedented Happenings

These are unprecedented times!  We’ve heard that so often now, it almost loses it’s meaning.  I was at a friend’s house in Penticton this summer and she was packing up her most treasured possessions for fear of the fires that seem to be coming a summer event in the interior of British Columbia.  Her husband had just installedContinue reading “Barge on The Beach and Other Unprecedented Happenings”

Tidal WAV Returns

Wild About Vancouver (WAV) Outdoor Education Festival is a free public outdoor education festival offering practical ways to get children (and adults) outdoors more regularly. WAV is open to the public and aims to unite and create long-term sustainable outdoor experiential learning networks for organizations, schools, youth programs, and the broader citizenry of Vancouver. WAV isContinue reading “Tidal WAV Returns”

Lest We Forget

November 11th was always my father in law’s favourite day.  He participated in the Remembrance Day processional march at Victory Square in Vancouver with pride.  He signed up with the Air Force in 1951 as soon as he was of age.  Although he served for a relatively short period of time, his favourite stories were those times of serviceContinue reading “Lest We Forget”

Giant Sequoia Discovery in Vancouver

A new discovery this weekend!  We have giant sequoia trees in Vancouver.  Who knew!  I’d love to say I happened upon it myself, but I have to admit I had some help.  In a midst of a cleaning frenzy, I came across the book, 111 Places In Vancouver That You Must Not Miss by Dave Doroghy and Graeme Menzies.  My husband andContinue reading “Giant Sequoia Discovery in Vancouver”

Putting a Face on Your Purchases

People have been spending less on merchandise since COVID started 19 months ago.  I was somewhat surprised due the huge number of Amazon deliveries that arrive at our condo each week.  I am on speed dial with several of my neighbours so we can bring our purchases to safety when we’re not home to accept deliveries.  The onlineContinue reading “Putting a Face on Your Purchases”

Considering Memory

We look for signs of recognition in babies and glimpses of a well-developed memory as young children learn to talk and learn rudimentary literacy and numeracy skills.  Memory plays a significant role in student success and the development of social skills.  We bemoan signs of a weakening memory and grieve the understanding that the people we love,Continue reading “Considering Memory”

People in Education and Health Care Making a Difference

A colleague on Twitter posted that a parent had thanked her for being her child’s “person”.  The recognition and appreciation of the teacher made me smile.  I have also seen many nurses, and care workers also being “the person” that matters in a crisis and over the long haul in palliative care, hospice care, and homes forContinue reading “People in Education and Health Care Making a Difference”

Noticing Trees

Autumn arrives differently, depending on where you happen to live in the world.   In my life as a Vancouverite in British Columbia, the experience of the season is heralded by trees. You would have to be hard pressed not to notice the reds, yellows, oranges, burgundy and browns of the trees in fall.   We learned in schoolContinue reading “Noticing Trees”