Art as Life

A recent trip to Toronto has me considering the place of art in our lives. I was staying close to downtown in Little Portugal. You didn’t venture far before running smack into street art. That street art caught aspects of nature, reflected people living in the city, memories of friends, caricatures, cartoons, messages, tags withContinue reading “Art as Life”

People in Education and Health Care Making a Difference

A colleague on Twitter posted that a parent had thanked her for being her child’s “person”.  The recognition and appreciation of the teacher made me smile.  I have also seen many nurses, and care workers also being “the person” that matters in a crisis and over the long haul in palliative care, hospice care, and homes forContinue reading “People in Education and Health Care Making a Difference”

 Beyond Routine

I have never been a creature of habit.  When things get to be too predictable, I get an anxious feeling that life is passing me by.  Perhaps this is the reason that eduction has been such a good fit for me.  Change and new learning are always afoot!  Meeting new people, changing grade levels, attendingContinue reading ” Beyond Routine”

Holiday Reading Extravaganza

At the Reading Extravaganza, gymnastics and yoga mats were pulled out and all children carefully removed their shoes before getting cozy on the mats. Benches pulled into shapes, lawn chairs and blankets were equally captivating spaces to read.

Fear Not! Lessons from Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Artwork by Lyon – Gr. 3 Reason2Ponder:  This featured weekly blog post is intended to consider some of the big questions and possibilities that exist in education and learning in the 21st Century Reason2Ponder #1 – Fear Not!  Lessons from Chris Hadfield I remember as a very little girl, seeing the television screen filled with theContinue reading “Fear Not! Lessons from Astronaut Chris Hadfield”

Making iMovie Magic

Thanks to SD38 and their SummerTech Institute at Westwind Elementary School, I’m inspired and ready to start to another year of tech learning with Tecumseh students.  In my role as Vice Principal, I am enrolling a Grade 3 class and teaching computer skills to Grade 5-7 students this year.  Last year I dipped my toeContinue reading “Making iMovie Magic”