The Birth of a Birder – Part 2

I learned so much with my first Bird Outing at Mono Lake County Park and Tufa State Natural Reserve Boardwalk, that I decided to attend another.  I got caught up having coffee with the Red breasted Sapsuckers, the Steller’s Jay, the Hummingbird, the Mallard Ducks  and the Coots at Silver Lake. I was late for birdwatching!  My Birding Buddies wereContinue reading “The Birth of a Birder – Part 2”

My Dad At the Cabin

Sitting in his spot, on the couch by the window, Looking out on the lake,  Clouds hovering low, The juniper berries on the table reminiscent of the gin and tonics I mixed for him as a child, Playing bartender. Considering the rocky path leading up toward Carson Peak, To God, Or at least to theContinue reading “My Dad At the Cabin”

What is a Birder?

For years I have done bird units with my students.  First as an elementary teacher introducing the basics of scientific observation of habitats.  Later as a middle school teacher facilitating inquiry studies.  As a COVID principal and entrepreneur, it provided a catalyst to get children outside and engaged.   It encouraged them to stop, listen and take notice of whatContinue reading “What is a Birder?”

The Mystique of Mono Lake

My father dearly LOVES Mono Lake.  One of his very grateful patients really wanted my Dad to buy his cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the eastern doorstep of Yosemite after my Dad operated on him.  The cabin on Silver Lake became a regular part of my summer visits to see my Dad.  When I was aContinue reading “The Mystique of Mono Lake”

Dandelion Dreams – The Sierra Nevadas of my Childhood

This morning I was woken up by a woodpecker. However, it was a very large Stellar Jay who got me out of bed just before 6 am. It sounded like a bear coming to see what had been on the barbeque or bold visitor coming up on to the front deck. Just a bird playingContinue reading “Dandelion Dreams – The Sierra Nevadas of my Childhood”

Dandelion Dreams – Early Retirement Opportunities

One year into early retirement and I am learning things that surprise me.  And it’s exciting.  We shroud retirement with statistics like “death after two years.”  I watched my father diminished with the replacement of “Dr. Dyck” with regular ole’ “Peter” or Pete.”  And yet, I am the lucky recipient of the early retirement buy-out, a pension from havingContinue reading “Dandelion Dreams – Early Retirement Opportunities”

Dandelion Dreams – Fatherhood

Today I have given my husband a cart blanche to do whatever he wants.  Both kids are out of town, but the day is officially his.  He still hasn’t forgiven me for the year that I bought him a wagon and sent him out to Mundy Park with the kids first thing in the morning.  I thought itContinue reading “Dandelion Dreams – Fatherhood”

Tidal WAV 22 Wildness

“We live in a temperate rainforest.” I had one class that teased me and said it in chorus when I entered their classroom. It is a regular part of my announcements before recess, lunch and any other special events in which kids are heading outdoors in the rain. You need to understand to dress appropriatelyContinue reading “Tidal WAV 22 Wildness”

ParticipACTION Now

ParticipACTION floods me with me with a warm and happy feeling.  The first year I participated it was a mandatory part of PE class in Grade 5 at David Lloyd George Elementary School and received a Gold Patch for my efforts.  Although the ”gold” was pretty decent, it fired a competitive impulse.  I wanted the coveted “Award ofContinue reading “ParticipACTION Now”