Wild About Reading Revisited

The Wild About Vancouver Tidal WAV ( pronounced “wave”) Outdoor Festival is set and ready to go next Friday, June 3rd from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm in beautiful Stanley Park at Second Beach / Ceperley Park. I have put in a request for a sunny day but according to the weather forecast, there isContinue reading “Wild About Reading Revisited”

Wild About Reading

Bill and the Fish was not a particularly inspired book.  Vocabulary was controlled.  The illustrations were mundane.  Yet, the year my younger brother took an interest in fishing, that book became part of our cabin life.  I can still hear my father‚Äôs voice. ‚ÄúBill land the fish,‚ÄĚ he‚Äôd roar in an attempt the make the book sound as interesting asContinue reading “Wild About Reading”

The Power of a Neighbourhood Park

Join Us to celebrate “The Power of the Neighbourhood Park” on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at Tatlow Park from 11 am to 3:00 pm. Pack a picnic lunch, your fav neighbourhood park activity, and come ready to share your favourite memories of time spent in a park. There will be a prize draw for thoseContinue reading “The Power of a Neighbourhood Park”

Venturing Outdoor with Kids

All the research points us outdoors for physical health, wellness, learning, and to pause and appreciate nature.  There are some ways to make it easier for adults to venture outdoors with kids in your own family, in classrooms and in day programs.  Some pre-teaching of expectation, routines , and information is involved, as well as lots ofContinue reading “Venturing Outdoor with Kids”

Why Learn Outdoors?  Education

‚ÄúI have learned that outdoor quests are not about the summit, but rather the journey.‚ÄĚ Hart Banack Recently I had the opportunity to visit two stellar outdoor learning programs.¬†¬†¬†Megan Zeni works with her teaching partner, Sarah Regan, providing outdoor learning for all students attending Homma Elementary School in Richmond, British Columbia.¬†¬†Both teachers are both passionateContinue reading “Why Learn Outdoors?¬†¬†Education”

Sunday‚Äôs Child:¬†¬†Searching for Meaning – Memoir

  The beauty of Facebook is that it brings together a diverse range of people who bring a variety of values and ways of being in the world.  I believe it is limiting to only surround ourselves with people who look like carbon copies of ourselves, have the same ideas and agree with everything we say.  ItContinue reading “Sunday‚Äôs Child:¬†¬†Searching for Meaning – Memoir”

Sunday‚Äôs Child:¬†¬†Olive Persists – Memoir

Olive was not family. She wasn‚Äôt a family friend. I‚Äôm not certain I could pick her out in a line up. I remember her as old with curly hair that was starting to grey. Likely she was younger than I am now. She would tell you that she had ‚Äúlost her figure‚ÄĚ like it wasContinue reading “Sunday‚Äôs Child:¬†¬†Olive Persists – Memoir”

Van Dusen Garden Possibilities ‚Äď Education

On Friday I had a planning meeting about the upcoming Wild About Vancouver Event in Stanley Park on June 3rd to celebrate learning and being outdoors. Lulu Wang, founder and CEO of iGeneration Education Group and Sparks Education, is on the Steering Committee for WAV. We hammered out some ideas and I packed up toContinue reading “Van Dusen Garden Possibilities ‚Äď Education”

HoodooQuest:Sevilla ūüćä-Travel

Seville, or Sevilla as it is known is Spain, was a complete surprise. I wanted to go because it evoked images of old culture. Shakespeare and Rossini’s singing barber. I expected the architectural and cultural history detailed in online and in my trusty travel books. Tickets were booked online for the Reales Alcazares. I expectedContinue reading “HoodooQuest:Sevilla ūüćä-Travel”