Online Course

Be A Successful Learner for School Aged Children and Parents

October Online Session is currently in process

Session 1 – One to one meeting with Parent(s) / Guardian(s) about strengths, concerns and learning goals for their child. Information and conversation about scaffolding student success. Parents will be provided with a questionnaire to ensure their questions and concerns are addressed in the session.

Session 2 – Meeting with parent and school aged child about child’s interests, strengths, and learning strategies to cope with challenges. Children will be given a learning activity to help them prepare for the two following small group sessions.

Session 3 – Meeting with a small group of parent/ child participants. Content, challenges and scaffolding will be provided to help students accept responsibility for their learning and to work collaboratively with peers. Content focus on self regulation strategies, curiosity, and problem solving

Session 4 – Meeting with a small group of parent / child participants. Content, challenges and scaffolding will help students to understand the role of curiosity and asking questions in becoming a successful learner. The parent and child will consider the ways that they can build inquiry into their life at home and explore how it applies to school. The intention is for families can leave with a plan for engaged and purposeful learning.

Cost: $1,025.00 for all four sessions

Additional consultation available upon request for an additional fee

October Session: Sold Out

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