Tolerable Risk in Learning Revisited

A good chunk of my adventures these days seems to have taken the form of following my daughter around on her adventures.  Work away in Barcelona.  Teaching in Viet Nam.  Most recently Taipei at Spring break.  By the time I arrive to visit her, our daughter, Larkyn, has scoped out the place and is ableContinue reading “Tolerable Risk in Learning Revisited”

Brave Enough To Try

Over many of years as an educator, I have presented to many audiences in many capacities.  I’ve presented to students from Kindergarten to secondary, students at the university level, educators on staff and at professional development events, parents at PAC meetings or on school tours.  I have informed and entertained individuals to large groups.  IContinue reading “Brave Enough To Try”

Fear Not! Lessons from Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Artwork by Lyon – Gr. 3 Reason2Ponder:  This featured weekly blog post is intended to consider some of the big questions and possibilities that exist in education and learning in the 21st Century Reason2Ponder #1 – Fear Not!  Lessons from Chris Hadfield I remember as a very little girl, seeing the television screen filled with theContinue reading “Fear Not! Lessons from Astronaut Chris Hadfield”