Perspective is Everything

  March 30,2022 – Porto, Portugal ūüáĶūüáĻ Our suite during our Porto stay is up 66 steps – at the top of the building. The sunroom faces several other buildings that create an enclosed area. In that area – a pigeon nesting area. Cooing and thoughts of my Grandpa Derksen abound. This is a cityContinue reading “Perspective is Everything”

Reframing 2018

I’m am writing this blog post as a series of questions but it is actually a reframing of my New Year’s Resolutions.¬† I am undaunted by the fact that I have been writing the same resolutions using different words¬† and forms for many years.¬† To believe that we cannot become better is to admit defeat.¬†Continue reading “Reframing 2018”

The Thrill of Change

We hear a lot about the difficulty of change. ¬†The stress of change. ¬†The reluctance of people to change. ¬†However I think change in under-rated. ¬†There is an excitement and a promise of possibility that can also accompany change. ¬†Quite frankly, I love it! ¬† Change is learning. ¬†Every time we venture out of theContinue reading “The Thrill of Change”

The Couros Brothers Inspire Educators

  It is fairly common to hear couples that speak on the same topic at conferences. ¬†It is less common to have siblings pursuing and presenting on the same area of study. ¬†This year I had the good fortune to hear both of the Couros brothers speak. ¬†Although I follow both of them on Twitter,Continue reading “The Couros Brothers Inspire Educators”

Embracing Questions and Moving Forward

The October, Provincial Professional Development Day in BC has become more of a Professional Development weekend. ¬†Sessions start Thursday night and continue on through the weekend to make the most of the opportunity for participants from across the province to develop background knowledge, pursue passions and work collaboratively with like minded people. ¬†The BC PrincipalsContinue reading “Embracing Questions and Moving Forward”

Smart Change by Art Markman

Art Markman is not only an academic but personable and hence able to convey his message. ¬†If the truth be known, I also like him BECAUSE he brought his mother to his presentation and book signing at The Learning and the Brain Conference in New York on Mother’s Day. ¬†Every mother of a son realizesContinue reading “Smart Change by Art Markman”