Why Blog?

Although I have not always thought of myself as a writer, I have always been one.  I have Holly Hobby diaries recording the events of my life – who I liked, where I had ridden my bike, what Nanny Keenan had cooked for Sunday dinner, what my older sister and cousin said, and who hadContinue reading “Why Blog?”

Fear Not! Lessons from Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Artwork by Lyon – Gr. 3 Reason2Ponder:  This featured weekly blog post is intended to consider some of the big questions and possibilities that exist in education and learning in the 21st Century Reason2Ponder #1 – Fear Not!  Lessons from Chris Hadfield I remember as a very little girl, seeing the television screen filled with theContinue reading “Fear Not! Lessons from Astronaut Chris Hadfield”