ProD Inspiration

Professional reading on the topic of professional development largely espouses the view that much of professional development for educators is not worth the time or money. Large-scale conferences or filling the room with a speaker does not serve the attendees in the room. This has not been my experience. I am a whole-hearted enthusiast ofContinue reading “ProD Inspiration”

Moving Beyond Half Truths and Innuendo

In The Vancouver Sun (Jan.3,2015 page A3), Daphne Braham did an OpEd piece: “A call for a return to rationality”.   Imagine the notion of proposing the checking of facts before forming opinions.   Brilliant!  What happened to the pause button, the one that use to be hit before uninformed criticisms intended to discredit, were lobbedContinue reading “Moving Beyond Half Truths and Innuendo”

The International Literacy Association: The Evolution of the International Reading Association

IRA Council Leadership Academy 2014 Tampa, Florida What’s In A Name? International Reading Association becomes International Literacy Association – July 1, 2015      My first task upon arriving at the Sheraton Hotel in Tampa for the IRA Council Leadership Academy was to check out the pool. The weather APP said that there would be dailyContinue reading “The International Literacy Association: The Evolution of the International Reading Association”