Happy New Year Literacy Leaders

The promise of a new year is before us.  A time for brand new resolutions for 2023 or to jump start resolutions that have been pledged in years gone by and forgotten by the end of January.  For the British Columbia Literacy Council, our resolutions each year for many years have been consistent.


  1. Look for ways to support the literacy goals of the International Literacy Association within in British Columbia.
  2. To provide the leadership opportunities for educators to network and support each other in the task of supporting the literacy development of their students, school community and the larger literacy community.

I am honoured to have been invited to be a part of the Nominating Committee for the International Literacy Association as one of the international members.  It is inspiring to see the commitment to improving opportunities and literacy practices worldwide continues undaunted by the impact of COVID.  

Working in a COVID context has been an uphill challenge, to say the very least.  It has come with wins and losses as educators in British Columbia and the rest of the world, have been taxed with their own personal challenges at home, as well as the fear, frustration, and stresses of their school community.  Medals are warranted!  We have certainly learned that online meetings do not come close to the support, collaboration and inspiration of face-to-face meetings and professional development.

I just recently completed a pilot project providing 3 weeks of daily literacy sessions for 3- and 4-year-old children.  In talking to parents, I went back to the demonstration of Matthew Arnold’s notion of the “empty vessel”.  As I poured sand into the jar and explained that learning does not happen this way, it was as if I was presenting newly discovered information.  Online programs, tutoring for young children, workbooks and programs promising immediate results gained leverage in a COVID world.  More than ever, educators are needed to support parents in understanding that listening, speaking, reading, and writing are communicative processes that develop over time rather than memorization exercises that can be quickly mastered and checked off a list.  We have our work cut out for us.

BC Literacy Council has plans for 2023

Upcoming February Leadership Workshop:

We are excited that Rob Tierney will be joining us for our BC Lit Council leadership conference. Dr. Tierney is an international educator whose passion is for developing research partnerships to address local literacy needs with educators in different countries. He began his career as a classroom teacher in Australia, then proceeded to work in the United States, Canada, and China. He is most familiar to us from his publications and time as dean emeritus and professor emeritus of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia. Stay tuned for more information.

New Members Book Club:

Our vice-president, Larkyn Froese, is in the process of organizing a book club of some of our newer BCLCILA members to inspire some good conversation with a social twist.  

BC Lit Council Booth at Tidal WAV – The Wild About Outdoor Learning Festival 

Due to the big success of the BC Lit Council scavenger hunts and book give away at the Tidal WAV (Wild About Vancouver) in Stanley Park last spring, we will again be part of this Outdoor Learning Festival on Saturday, May 27th.  Larkyn Froese is chairing the committee that will be exploring ideas to promote literacy and indigenous ways of knowing in an outdoor context.  Despite the torrential rain last year, it was a fun event that brought out over 400 participants.  

Join Us

The Executive Council of BC Literacy Council values new ideas and new members.  We aspire for our council to mirror the population we serve.  Participation in the BC Literacy Council means different things to different people.  It looks good on a resume.  The volunteerism ends in some purposeful programs and projects.   However, throughout my career I have most valued the space to step back and reflect on my work as a literacy educator with other people interested in doing the same thing.  Those conversations started at meetings but continued in hot tubs, coffee shops, restaurants, beaches, and parks.  Please consider joining us and bring colleagues interested in building a literacy network and continuing down a rich and purposeful path.  

Please reach out for any more information or input into future directions.  

All the very best for the coming year!

Carrie Froese

President – BC Literacy Council of the International Literacy Association

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