A Vancouver Gift

It is the ultimate day of freedom in Vancouver.  A rainy Sunday morning.  Dark. Pouring rain.  And glorious.  The mantra to get up and enjoy the day is absent in my mind.  There is no hurry to get to work.  No pressure to accomplish a task.  No runners on the front street beaconing me to join them.  No glimpse of sunshine that I need to quickly get outside and enjoy.  Only a freedom to choose.  Or perhaps, not to choose to do anything productive.  

Of course, the first thing on my agenda of life is a particularly good cup of coffee compliments of DeLonghi. And to follow the advice of Julia Cameron by beginning the day by writing, in this case in my exquisite paperblanks Fall Filigree “Persimmon” with the very fitting quote:

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Albert Camus

Sitting on my morning perch, the cozy, red leather chair looking out on my colourful garden, the leaves invite closer examination.  Trees and leaves are no longer one uniform variation of shades of green but individual entities.  On rainy days, leaves are plastered to the ground, and you can see how unique each leaf is in colour and in pattern.  Walking is good on a rainy day.

The suggestion of a walk opens the question of what the neighbouring ocean is doing today.  The ocean on a rainy day promises action.  Waves churning.  Raindrops breaking the surface.  Seagulls in their element and making themselves heard.  The response of the Canadian Geese, crows, and the occasional eagle. The sound of action beyond mere human frivolity on the beach.  Power far beyond our own.  On rainy days, you notice. Wonder what is happening beneath the surface.

There is also a sense that I should spring into action and jump in my car to go see the salmon spawning in Coquitlam.  It only took one day of rain for the salmon to spring into action to finish the last of their arduous journey.  It is inspirational to witness their tenacity and resilience.  It gives a sense of hope that our very own temperate rainforest still has the capacity to allow nature to thrive.  That perhaps it’s not too late for us to do what we need too.  

Or I can go back to bed with a book and a pot of tea.  Perfection exists today. Free to choose my very own brand.  Guilt free.  

Published by Carrie Froese

Curiosity guarantees a life of learning😀 Let me help you find the answer to your questions about educational practice, setting up a small business with a focus on education, and running a non-profit with a focus on educational events.

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