A Perfect Sturgeon Moon


Sturgeon Moon

“Many, many moons ago”, I saw my first moon.  The old expression of my mother and her mother, captures the cyclical nature of time quite perfectly.  I love the moon as much, or perhaps even more than the sun. On special “moon” days, I have gotten on my bike to find the perfect place to watch the moon rise into the sky.  Our condo also has an upstairs deck where you can watch the moon.  However, I have never in my “many moons” ever seen such an amazing moon as the sturgeon moon a few nights ago.  Perhaps it was that I ventured out of bed and on to the deck at the perfect time.  Perhaps it was the place.  Perhaps it was luck. On this particular night, I was not on high alert for anything.

Certainly the night sky takes on a new light when you are high in the mountains away from city lights. However, the moon was so bright the other night that I initially thought it was a flashlight being shone in my window.  It crept around the cabin towards Carson Peak, the stream and then the lake.  It evoked descriptions of moonlight in a multitude of books I’ve read but obviously never understood.  Until now. The moon was not just something beautiful in the sky but a dominant force of the night sky. 

Everything was alight.  The waterfall on the mountain is usually identifiable as a dark streak down the mountain with a hint of movement depending on how much the dam ordains.  However, the bright light from the moon reflected off the waterfall and it looked like molten silver running down the mountainside.  It was magical enough that I sat down and watched the moon move across the sky and imagined what else was going on 

by the light of the moon.

A Dandelion Dreams post.

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