My Dad At the Cabin

Silver Lake – June Lake Loop, California

Sitting in his spot,

on the couch by the window,

Looking out on the lake, 

Clouds hovering low,

The juniper berries on the table reminiscent of the gin and tonics

I mixed for him as a child,

Playing bartender.

Considering the rocky path leading up toward Carson Peak,

To God,

Or at least to the waterfall,

To cool off in the now forbidden waters

Plunging down the mountain.

Or fishing early in the morning

When no one else was interested in getting up.

Quiet times.

Just me and my dad.

And it was good.  

Dandelion Dreams – the section of my blog devoted to my personal writing and reflections. The name is inspired by my favourite piece of art by David Klassen.

Published by Carrie Froese

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