WAV Wednesday – A Vancouver Conundrum

Look around and there are many signs that spring has in fact sprung. The sun is pushing away the gray days. Daffodils are peaking up in the grass by the seawall. Bouquets of crocuses are scattered in the gardens. Trees of pussy willows are showing their faces. New leaves and buds can be spotted every direction you turn. The snow on the mountains is heavy. There are line ups to hit a bucket of balls at the golf course. The number of walkers and joggers is burgeoning. All signs of spring.

And yet, there is ice on my deck.  Frost on the ground.  Walkers and joggers are bundled in toques and warm jackets.  Only the very committed bike enthusiasts fill the myriad of bike routes that snake through Vancouver.  Evenings in front of the television are still more appealing than evenings in the park, or on the seawall, or walking through the neighbourhood.  Netflix, Prime, Apple TV and Britbox subscription have been extended for yet another month.  All signs that winter is not quite over.

Yet, with the sun comes the promise of better things to come.  It brings smiles.  It brings hope.  This year, it carries a double dose of hope.  The hope that the decreasing numbers of COVID will continue to diminish and become less a central focus in our lives.  That kindness and contentment will outshine angry outbursts and fear.  Also the hope that comes with the emergence of new life in the world around us.  There is a special joy that comes with watching a hydrangea bush emerge into full bloom from seemingly dead branches.  Witnessing a weeping willow morph from swaying bare branches to a full feathery curtain to run through.  

Spanish Banks

This time in between seasons is the very best time to pause and notice.  Then ask WHY? And HOW?  And set off on a quest to answer your questions.  To have conversations about them.  To open books and do online research.  New discoveries spark joy whether you are 5 years old or 55 years old.  The goal of formal education is to fuel the desire to learn and tools to make discoveries throughout a lifetime.  The outdoors is the most inspiring stimulus and natural place for this to happen.  

A Wild About Vancouver (WAV) Wednesday post.

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