Cold and Frosty Days for the Lightweights

The family that skies and snowboards together, stays together!

Cold and frosty days that do not end.  We are a family who loves to spend time outdoors on adventures.  Biking the Kettle Valley in the Interior of British Columbia.  Skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, golfing, water skiing, walking, jogging, and swimming are all wrapped into our happiest family memories.  

Skiing and snowboarding up Whistler is one of our favourites.  My husband and I both learned to ski as teenagers and can get down anything – often without grace or style.  Our kids learned at 3 and 5 years.  They have a fluidity of movement that comes with only with long established muscle memory.  All of us expanded our repertoire to include snowboarding.  One test drive on shape skiis and I was back to skiing.  We have been lucky enough to get up to Whistler this year.  

My husband and I were heavily invested in ensuring our kids loved their early ski experiences.  Trips to the washroom, for hot chocolate, and to view the movie in the Grouse Mountain theatre were on demand.  We had listened to many a whiny ski child in the chair line ups as their parents pushed them well past the concept of fun.  Those children were guaranteed to hate skiing and those parents could do it without their kids and likely a lot less often.  

Certainly the COVID reality has provoked some new thinking on the cold.  This year we are required to make reservations to eat in the lodges at Whistler and Blackcomb.  It is very difficult to get last minute reservations to come into the lodge and out of the cold.  With all of the little huts like Raven’s Hut and Chick Pea closed due to COVID, there are also few options.  The extreme cold eliminates the option of eating outside in the snow.  Never has it been more important to consider that you have warm enough clothing and a plan to warm up if necessary.  

In Vancouver, British Columbia, the extreme cold is a novelty initially.  We are use to a temperate climate.  The snow on the mountains and the crispy air is a thrilling diversion initially.  However, the cold that seeps in our homes and chills our bones is unfamiliar.  Somewhat surprising.  It is tough to venture outdoors if you haven’t really warmed up.   

Today I am curled up with a blanket and good book.  I look at Gurpreet Pandher, dancing in the Yukon with a new appreciation.  He has embraced the cold and dances for joy in sub zero temperatures.  How we embrace the outdoors is clearly all about perspective.  It almost compels me to go for a walk.   But not quite.  It’s SO cold.  As a die hard Vancouverite, the rain doesn’t stop me.  If it did I would spend a good portion of life inside.  Clearly I need to just get up and out whatever the weather.  Tomorrow.

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