Giving Tuesday

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A day devoted to giving on the heels of the rampant, American consumerism of Black Friday and it’s offshoot – Cyber Monday.  I like it.  I wonder how much traction it will gain.  It is generating a lot of traffic on social media and people are ripe to experience, and hear good stories of human kindness in the midst of an angry COVID world.   As Robert D. Putnam documented the collapse of volunteerism in his book, Bowling Alone, Giving Tuesday holds the promise of documenting the fight to rebuild a sense of community in the age of weather and pandemic inspired tragedy and fear, through stories of generosity.  It provides the incentive for us to reflect and make financial contributions in the places we believe we can make a difference.  At the very least, it guarantees a charitable donation receipt before the end of the tax year.  

The Canadian Red Cross is a no brainer as a recipient for our donation dollars.  Nightly news and social media provide ample evidence of our weather inspired tragedy in British Columbia.  The provincial and federal matching of donation dollars means your money will go that much further.  A $50.00 donation to the Canadian Red Cross provides $150.00 to this trusted agency.  And we know that the need is there.

Amnesty International is another favourite for my donation dollars and volunteerism.  In a world where fake news is rampant, Amnesty International uses triangulation rather than innuendo and lies to collect, report and take action on human rights abuses.  They deal in facts and provide the possibility of social justice in our world.  Whether you are donating money, writing a letter, or working on a campaign, you are working towards the creation of a world that values human life and human rights.

Of course, for me, there also needs to be an education and environment focused cause.  I have been on the Steering Committee of Wild About Vancouver (WAV), a grass-roots, collective of volunteers devoted to supporting the physical and mental health, as well as cross-curricular learning through being outdoors.  WAV has impacted thousands of people across Metro Vancouver and even further into British Columbia, and across Canada, through our networks.  We are working collaboratively with The Institute for Environmental Learning (IEL), a cutting-edge educational research group working towards a sustainable future for British Columbia.  Great people.  Tremendous learning.  Lots of fun.

In 2022, for the first time since COVID-19 began, WAV is excited to announce Tidal WAV 2022, a full-day celebration of engaging in outdoor activity and learning on June 3, 2022 in Stanley Park.  WAV requires financial and in-kind donations to facilitate an amazing event.  Donations made as a tribute in honour of Wild About Vancouver are publicly recognized on the website and via social media and promotions.  Donors will be issued a tax receipt by Simon Fraser University due our relationship with the Institute of Environmental Learning (IEL) which is housed at SFU.  The charitable tax # is 118520725 RR0001.  

I am confident our civic #VanGives will be successful in adding momentum to the #GivingTuesdayNow global initiative.  I am a true believe that giving is important to support the causes we value, but also because it gives us an active role in creating the world as we want it to be.  It reflects an optimistic stance that helps us to replace anger, fear, and despair with hope.  And that is good for the soul.  An additional bonus!  Two for one.  Not unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  Go for it!  Make a donation and make a difference.

Published by Carrie Froese

Curiosity guarantees a life of learning😀 Let me help you find the answer to your questions about educational practice, setting up a small business with a focus on education, and running a non-profit with a focus on educational events.

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