Breathing New Life Into The BC Literacy Council aka ReadingBC

Back left – Kelly Patrick, Larkyn Froese, Carrie Froese, Garth C. Brooks, Kathryn Ransdell; front left Karen Addie, Linda Klassen; Missing Michael Bowden, Chelsea Miller

We are double vaxxed, enjoying the removal of some of the COVID restrictions and filled with enthusiasm for the 2021-2022 year.  Our Annual General Meeting took place on November 25, 2021 in the Pendrell Room at the Sylvia Hotel.  We are particularly delighted to introduce two of our newest executive members.

Larkyn Froese is currently in the Community Schools Team module in the PDP Program at Simon Fraser University.  She recently returned from five years of teaching English language learners in Vietnam, and then in Taiwan.  Her philosophy degree from Queen’s University, work as an artist, and travels have fueled her quest to learn about how to best engage learners in a context of equity and inclusion.  Larkyn stepped into the VP role and has already spearheaded a programme that is generating lots of enthusiasm.   

Chelsea Miller is a recent grad from The University of British Columbia.  She recently received an award to celebrate her Outstanding Practicum at the UBC Awards Ceremony.  Congrats, Chelsea!  Her practicum reflected her passion for science, literacy, and engaging students in hands-on / minds-on learning experiences.  She is currently working part time as an Intermediate Resource teacher at Brock Elementary School in Vancouver.  Her previous career working for non-profit institutions will be put to good use in her role as treasurer.

Special thanks to Garth Brooks for his role as treasurer, Kelly Patrick in her role in membership and Linda Klassen for her role as VP.  Garth and Kelly have both graciously agreed to accept appointments as Members at Large to continue to provide support and mentoring.  Linda’s work on analyzing the survey results have inspired her to take on the Membership Development role.  

Thanks also to Karen Addie for her continued work as Provincial Coordinator; Kathryn Ransdell for her work as secretary; and Michael Bowden for his continued role as past president.  I feel very privileged to be working with people so committed to providing the very best literacy opportunities for students.  

It is sad that the International Literacy Association has not been able to host their amazing face to face conferences.  The excitement of connecting with colleagues from so many places, the publishers’ give-aways, the wide breadth of professional development sessions and the party times have been highlights of my career.  However, when the International Literacy Association  was forced to pivot to online due to COVID, they adopted a stellar model for online professional development.  The ILA has been able to bring in name speakers to present online and I have enjoyed the ability to go back and revisit the recordings and ask questions.  While we are waiting for the return of the amazing International Literacy Conferences, I highly recommend you participate in the ILA online ProD.  Got to the ILA website

There is no additional charge to join BCLCILA, the provincial chapter of ILA.  All members in good standing of The International Literacy Association, who live in British Columbia, are automatically members of our provincial chapter, BCLCILA

The British Columbia Literacy Council

Of the

International Literacy Association


Reach out to executive members to ask questions, offer to volunteer, or make suggestions.  

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