The Power Relax

I’m a school principal in the last weeks of school before summer holidays. Stress is a fact of life. The days are high octane with not a moment to spare between the demands for immediate problem solving and the call of the “things to do”  list. I can’t help but to reflect on lofty goals of balance and prioritizing “me time” written after summer holidays and again at New Years. The goals that emerge after a break when anything seems possible.

My coping strategy recently has been to sneak in physical outlets to “burn off steam” as part of the ultimate oxymoron, the “power relax”. I’m fortunate to be able to bike to work. The hill up to Queen Mary Elementary was my nemesis as I walked to school from Jericho Beach as a little girl. It proves to play the same roll in my life as I bike to work from Kits Beach. I still find no joy in the hill. It remains something to be conquered. Arriving at the top, a small victory.  Yes, even joy.  I have also discovered the merits of the driving range and how the length of my drives correlates with the degree of angst I’m feeling.  It also brings a degree of satisfaction.

Less effort requires a bigger time investment for the “power relax” . 9 holes of golf by yourself or 18 holes with a friend. A 90 minute salt float at HÄLSA spa. Two yoga classes in one day. Or if you’re lucky, a sunny day at the beach after writing school goals on how to support students in learning strategies to self calm. I’m pausing to breath mindfully😉  I’m open to other suggestions…

One thought on “The Power Relax

  1. Here is a suggestion — from your neighbor to the South. Write jokes for kids. For real. I have been doing this for a year.

    Then we complied the jokes into a book and it coming out in two days (June 21) — World Giraffe Day. It’s called Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey and I wrote it with my partner. Longest day of the year for the tallest animal on earth.

    We still tell each other giraffe jokes. The book is filled with fun and laughter and is illustrated with photos of my diverse giraffe collection — giraffes made of wood and glass and ceramics and bears and wire and fabric. Visit

    But no joke: write jokes. The laughter is healthy and the humor balances out the disasters in our lives and the craziness of our world. My motto for this book: Laugh2Learn.

    Wish I could share an image from the cover!!!!


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