Speed Geeking

    Audrey Van Alstyn and her team of Vancouver School Board mentors, Joanne Carlton, Zhi Su, Dan Borges and Linda Kwan put together great learning experience for teachers and administrators navigating their way through the world of technology.

1.  Fourteen presenters had selected an App to share that they had used with students.  Apps presented included ShadowPuppets, Paper 53, Showbie, Explain Everything, iMovie, BookCreator..,

2.  Each presenter had 5 minutes to provided a brief into of an App and shared students samples to 3-6 people.

3.  Audrey would ring a hand bell.

4.  Each group would rotate clockwise to the next station.

5.  Each presenter did their 5 minute session 14 times so everyone could visit each station.

After our gourmet pizza break (yes, the butter chicken pizza was amazing), attendees chose the station that they wanted to have the opportunity to explore in more depth.  The only downside was that presenters didn’t get to attend all of the other sessions.  So much to learn.  So many people willing to share their ideas.  Can’t wait until the next event!

Such an energizing event.

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