The Thrill of Learning – May 2014

I went to an amazing Learning and The Brain Conference in New York:  The Science of Smarter Minds:  Teaching To Think, Create and Innovate for School and Careers.  It was on the same weekend as the IRA 2014 Conference. Neuroscientists came together with educators to discuss implications for classroom instruction in light of the considerable research made possible with the advent of magnet resonance imaging (MRI) and newly emerging understanding of the plasticity of the brain. Christopher Kaufman discussed practical strategies for improving executive function in the classroom.  Art Markman discussed the challenges and tools to creating new and sustainable habits.  James Paul Gee discussed the possibilities for students engaged in digital learning.  Theorists espousing traditional notions of “intelligence” went head to head with scientists and cognitive psychologists considering new (and more progressive) ways of thinking about thinking.  It was all very fascinating and it was in New York.  My first New York experience.  Yet, I flip to the IRA Conference Highlights…

I can’t help but wish that I could have been there too.  I have attended several IRA conferences and I LOVE the comraderie and learning that comes with connecting with people who share the same passion.  There is also something to be said for connecting with favorite authors and presenters.  Presenting at the last conference in New Orleans was some of the best professional development in my career.   In New York, I came across a Junie B. Jones tour bus.  It felt like it should have been in New Orleans along with literacy educators lining up to have pictures taken with it.  I seem to remember lining up at Disneyland at an IRA conference to have my pic taken with Miss Frizzle and The Magic School bus!  Check out the link to the Conference 2014 highlights

If you have stories to share about the conference, please leave a comment.  Otherwise, I hope to see you in St. Louis, Missouri- July 17-20, 2015!20140526-230405-83045116.jpg

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