Celebrating Literacy Learning in Meaningful Ways

Tecumseh is a large Elementary School with almost 500 students in the South Slope of Vancouver.  Many students speak Chinese and English, but we also have many students who speak Hindi, Punjabi, Thai, Vietnamese and Spanish.   Literacy Learning is a significant part of each day.  Below are a few of the examples of how students are engaging in reading, writing, listening, speaking and representing their learning.  We’d love to read about your ideas too.

  1. Science World Celebration (Student Report by Rihana, Kealani & Isabel)
    On March 1st and 2nd, 17 students had the opportunity to present their Science Projects at Science World, as a part of the Vancouver District Science Celebration, to the general public. The students worked hard throughout the 1-2 months of preparation, and in the end, had the chance to share their knowledge as well as listen to the results of others’ research. That’s not all: As the Celebration started, students were assigned a specific block rotation during which we would either get to present or enjoy a workshop. The workshop was led by a ‘magician’- that is to say, a magician who used science to create magic. We got a sneak peek of the new outdoor exhibits; including the new chicken coop, which was not yet open to the public. Some students got to take home a sample of fertilizer and a seed of their choice, and all students were given a celebratory ribbon and pencil.
    Overall, this unique opportunity was one worth taking advantage of. It was a guaranteed learning experience, and a fun one at that. It was truly exciting and it inspired us to expand our comprehension of the different topics we can cover all under this one subject of Science.

*The wind is rising* *We must try to live* -Miyazaki, The Wind Rises

2. Multi-age (MACC) Cluster Class Celebration

Multi-age Cluster classes across the district filled the Tecumseh gym to present projects based on their “passions”. The research and display boards reflected the high quality of work we have come to expect at these events. What was truly amazing, was the articulate way in which students presented the information and engaged in conversation about their area of interest. They gave me lots to consider. Tecumseh students also benefitted from excellent role models that helped them to prepare their for their own projects for presentation at The Tecumseh Celebration of learning.

3. Tecumseh Celebration of Learning

Over 175 students, chose interests in Social Studies and Science to research and present at the Annual Tecumseh Celebration of Learning. Under the amazing organization of Mrs. Charan Sandhu, teachers and intermediate students set up their displays and presented fine tuned speecehes to staff, peers, primary students and family members at day and evening events in mid April. One group of teachers focused their inquiry for professional development on giving students choice when determining topics for project based learning. They were thrilled with the high level of commitment displayed by their students. Students emerged more confident for working hard to master and present their topic. Family members beamed with pride as their children blew them away with the high quality of their work.

4. Celebration of Music, Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Wednesday, April 30th, Mr. Larson is bringing staff and students together to showcase the musical talents of our Tecumseh students. Students will also be practicing singing I.S.S. : Is Somebody Singing in preparation for Music Monday. This will be the day that our singing astronaut, Chris Hadfield, and Maestro Bramwell Tovey, of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra fame, will be leading students across Canada in the singing of ISS.

There will be two performances on Wednesday. We are working on teaching students good audience behavior for formal music events such as the VSO. If you are going to attend, please arrive at the beginning of the assembly and stay until the end. Please save conversations until after the performance. Thanks so much for helping us to teach students the expectations for this type of performance.

First Performance (11:00 – 12:00 pm)

Second Performance (1:15 – 2:15 pm)

5.    Music Monday (Monday, May 5, 2014).  Tecumseh students will be participating in two ways. Some students will be participating from Tecumseh along with their teachers. Mr. Larson, Ms. Froese and a Ukulele group will be travelling down to Science World. They have been invited for the live taping of the event and participation in the documentary presentation about the importance of music education in British Columbia. Both Mr. Larson and a few students will be interviewed and possibly spotlighted in the documentary.


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